Getting a foot in the door to go down the path of success

Another day, another night….So today was sort of uneventful. I woke up, showered, and then headed out to the health department for my yearly check up… and as I turned my iPod on to put my music through the car’s speakers, my reminder came up… my appointment was at 10:00 not 10:30 like I thought. So as I made my way to the clinic, I called and asked if they would still take me. They said yes, so I made it there at 10:35….. to wait a flipping hour and a half to be called in… which was sort of ridiculous but oh well. I saw the Nurse Practitioner who was really nice, and I got my prescription for my BC pills. That was good! I need those. And I had to end up postponing my interview twice.

So then I headed home at around 12:45, got dressed, grabbed my laptop (good thing I did because it would come in handy), and headed up to McHenry. Met the director of a child care facility and had an interview. Apparently I am director qualified and teacher qualified, but my knowledge of DCFS Standards and classroom ratios is not up to snuff. I don’t think I was fit for the job anyways, but it never hurts to interview. So after that, I called my mommy in law, Diane, who is the sweetest woman I know (besides my own mommy) and asked if I could stop by and grab a couple Tylenol for a tooth ache. We chatted for a bit and she showed me what they were doing in the bathroom as far as remodeling and construction, and then home I went….Grabbed some chicken nuggets on my way out… and got home. Spent some time reading and applying for nanny jobs, and then the hubby came home. We sat in the little man’s room and chatted. Then it was time for dinner….yummmy…! Once that was done, Dad came home with Matt’s iGo tip for his phone and we are now charging it. (that’s a story in and of itself)….

Matt brought the boy upstairs for a bath and pajama time while I sat downstairs. Of course the kiddo had to go to bed….so Matt laid with him and he’s asleep now. We decided that we weren’t going to work on my DnD character tonight….too much to think about when really tired. So now it’s time for me to go lay down and watch some Grey’s Anatomy. Thank God for Comcast DVRs!

Tomorrow’s another day…let us see what happens. We have to go to Target to get some stuff for Baby Nicolosi (our upcoming niece/nephew). I think we also may head over to Bass Pro Shops so Jake can see his girlfriends and check out the fish. He loves to do that. Then stop over at the Finney’s to get our hats.

Well, its time for me to scoot. Have a pleasant night! Off to bed I go!


Running a DnD campaign

so the hubby and I decided to start running a DnD campaign with our friends Kris, Jacki, and Eric. It will be quite interesting. I am hoping to create my druid character, which at level 10, I can morph into a Rhinoceros. Sounds like fun huh? So now to spend some quality time with the man to develop my shtuff! wellll…. illlll be back!

So today is filled with applications, homework, and playin with the kid. Now he needs a nap so that’s gonna happen and then homework time.

I finally got a bite on my Sitter City profile for a nanny position! I have an interview tonight to meet with the parents of 3 boys in Round Lake. I am very excited. I will be able to bring Jacob with me. Now the dilemma is that he has the two classes at the high school on Tuesdays and Weds. What will I do? Welll, lets see how it goes!

As a result of this crappy weather, my tutoring session is canceled tonight. It’s good though. I am definitely not going out in this weather! So now I am applying for jobs and tutoring stuff. The boy went to watch The Wizard of Oz with my dad, in the basement.
Ugh, gotta start that homework. Well, I’ll be back later!
So to leave you with a passage from Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes,
“Eat not garlic nor onions, lest they find out thy boorish origin by the smell; walk slowly and speak deliberately, but not in such a way as to make it seem thou art listening to thyself, for all affectation is bad. Dine sparingly and sup more sparingly still; for the health of the whole body is forged in the workshop of the stomach. Be temperate in drinking, bearing in mind that wine in excess keeps neither secrets nor promises. Take care, Sancho, not to chew on both sides, and not to eruct in anybody’s presence.
Eruct! said Sancho; I don’t know what that means.
To eruct, Sancho, said Don Quixote, means to belch, and that is one of the filthiest words in the Spanish language, though a very expressive one; and therefore nice folk have had recourse to the Latin, and instead of belch say eruct, and instead of belches say eructations; and if some do not understand these terms it matters little, for custom will bring them into use in the course of time, so that they will be readily understood; this is the way a language is enriched; custom and the public are all-powerful there.
In truth, senor, said Sancho, one of the counsels and cautions I mean to bear in mind shall be this, not to belch, for I’m constantly doing it.
Eruct, Sancho, not belch, said Don Quixote.
Eruct, I shall say henceforth, and I swear not to forget it, said Sancho.”

So this weather is so flipping exciting! NOT! I hate snow with a passion. We had plans to go see my friend Amber for lunch. It was gonna be me, Jake, and Kat. Man that would have been fun. But I should have predicted it because the salt truck was out last night when we headed out to Portillo’s. Sad smile 

Here’s something to make you laugh…. my hubby went outside to get the paper, in… wait for it…. a t-shirt (short sleeve), shorts, and NO shoes or socks! He’s nuts! but oh well! It’s kind of funny.

Well the background music today is Rascall Flatt’s Life is a Highway. Of course…. the little man is watching Cars. Time to take advantage of that and do some homework or cleaning. Maybe some organizing!

So here’s todays Quote,

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”

– Maya Angelou

So Winter Quarter 2011 starts at Kendall College on Wednesday, January 12, 2011. Not sure if I am ready or not…but I have two days to prepare. Is it just me or is this month going by so fast already? I’m not the only one going to school this month though. The hubby starts next Monday, the 17th at the local community college. He only has a few classes to complete his Associates. So where are we going to find the time to spend with each other and juggle the homework and our little man…? I am kinda skidish about starting the year like this.

So here’s my dilemma…

I want to have another baby but I don’t want to juggle that, 14 credit hours, and a 3 year old. It’s going to be hard. But can I do it? Yes! Yes I can! I am going to achieve another 4.0 this quarter, (crossing my fingers here), but if I get a 3.5, I will still be happy.  Is my hubby gonna be able to do it? Is he going to get frustrated? I am guessing its a maybe, but who knows? It’s his destined path.

On another note, I have started my Spanish tutoring sessions. I have a 30 minute session every Tuesday at 5:15, but it’s not much money… Another session on Fridays from 4:30 to 5:30. She is starting at the beginning, and wants to take her ICTS Foreign Language Proficiency test. I am trying to do that too. But I am farther along in my path. I hope to start with another new client who wants her little ones to start learning Spanish. I am excited to work with them, because it will get me that foot in the door to work with kids in the ECE field and teaching in both English and Spanish. It’s gonna be a great thing!

Well, it’s time to go for now. Gotta put the munchkin down for his nap so I can start my search for jobs and planning my lessons.

So long, farewell, tata


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