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6 weeks down, 4 to go

So I have made it halfway through the quarter and I am so ready for a break! I have decided to get back on Twitter and chat with my friends. I am also still tutoring Reshmi and I picked up another student whom I meet with on Saturdays at Panera. At least I am putting some money in my pocket.

Its been a good weekend so far. On Friday, we went to our friend Rachael and Kris’s house and played Apples to Apples: Jewish Version, Boxers or Briefs, and Fact Or Crap. It was a great night overall. Had a bit much to drink and couldn’t sleep that night and I felt like crap all day yesterday, but I am better now.

Today was filled with homework and working on my tutoring student’s first test. I’ve also been goofing off a bit but I can’t sit for 4 hours straight and do homework the entire time.

Well, its time for me to go. TaTa for now!


A night with my best friend

I am so excited that I get to spend the evening with my best friend Kathryn! I am thankful she is my friend! ohhhh homework!!!!!!

Snow shmow!

So I am sitting in the midst of a upcoming snow storm, or as the great corrupted state of Illinois is calling it, “A Snow Disaster.” I think  its all bullshit! Its 2011 people! Deal with it! It’s not gonna kill you! 20+ inches is NOTHING!

Okay… so let’s change the subject!  Music! Yes! Music!

Today I have listening to a few really good songs.

“Fuckin Perfect”  by P!nk

“Higher” by Taio Cruz and Travie McCoy

“Pose” by Daddy Yankee”

“More” by Usher

“Bon Bon” by Pitbull

Oh oh and another thing! My knee is even more f**ked up than before. I have to start wearing my knee brace full time now! It’s ridiculous! Dr. Cham’s P.A. doesn’t know what to do! Well…. time to go lay down and take a few pillz to calm down!

MOVIE TIME! What to watch?! Pans Labyrinth? I don’t know! I will figure it out! weeeeeeeee!


So today the CHICAGO BEARS are going to be playing the


We are going to be eating some CHEESE and WHINE!

I am really hoping the BEARS WIN! This will be the

3rd Super Bowl they have been to and they need to

WIN it!

So it goes without saying, “BEAR DOWN CHICAGO


WHINE!”  We can do it! Let’s do the Super Bowl



The Quality of life matters….or does age matter? Happiness?

“The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

The quality of one’s life….is it based on age, happiness, love? The quality of one’s life is the most important thing to know when a loved one passes into God’s Glorious Heaven. It doesn’t matter how long they lived…it doesn’t matter how much money they had or how happy they were. It doesn’t matter who they loved?

But what about dying? Is there a reason for death? Is it inevitable? Yes, everyone dies. No one is immortal…that we know of. Would you die for something? Take a bullet for someone or something you love? Would put yourself in the line of fire to protect someone else?

“If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said this. If you don’t have something to die for, you don’t deserve to live….. any points on this?

Tata for now!

Martin Luther King, Jr.

So I am going to start with a quote by Dr. King, Jr.

“Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college 
degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. 
A soul generated by love.”

  - Martin Luther King, Jr.
For those of you who were born before Dr. King, Jr’s speech, were you able to understand what he was talking about? 
Did it offend you in any way? Do you believe that history would be the same if he hadn’t taken control of racism? What 
are your thoughts?

Good friends….good times

Our friends Rachael and Kris are joining us for sandwiches and chips for dinner tonight. It will be a great night. Today we went to Gurnee to Bass Pro. I got to see the range….. it was nice. Had a good chat with Matt’s coworker Katie too. Matt and I have decided to take a trip for our 5th wedding anniversary in July. We are going to Las Vegas. It will be nice.

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