Getting a foot in the door to go down the path of success

So Winter Quarter 2011 starts at Kendall College on Wednesday, January 12, 2011. Not sure if I am ready or not…but I have two days to prepare. Is it just me or is this month going by so fast already? I’m not the only one going to school this month though. The hubby starts next Monday, the 17th at the local community college. He only has a few classes to complete his Associates. So where are we going to find the time to spend with each other and juggle the homework and our little man…? I am kinda skidish about starting the year like this.

So here’s my dilemma…

I want to have another baby but I don’t want to juggle that, 14 credit hours, and a 3 year old. It’s going to be hard. But can I do it? Yes! Yes I can! I am going to achieve another 4.0 this quarter, (crossing my fingers here), but if I get a 3.5, I will still be happy.  Is my hubby gonna be able to do it? Is he going to get frustrated? I am guessing its a maybe, but who knows? It’s his destined path.

On another note, I have started my Spanish tutoring sessions. I have a 30 minute session every Tuesday at 5:15, but it’s not much money… Another session on Fridays from 4:30 to 5:30. She is starting at the beginning, and wants to take her ICTS Foreign Language Proficiency test. I am trying to do that too. But I am farther along in my path. I hope to start with another new client who wants her little ones to start learning Spanish. I am excited to work with them, because it will get me that foot in the door to work with kids in the ECE field and teaching in both English and Spanish. It’s gonna be a great thing!

Well, it’s time to go for now. Gotta put the munchkin down for his nap so I can start my search for jobs and planning my lessons.

So long, farewell, tata



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